Social Studies

Course Outline

The goal of the Social Studies Department at SST is to engage our students in understanding the history of the world in which we live. In addition, our department teaches history through skill-based learning that emphasizes reading, writing, and critical thinking. The department also incorporates 21st Century Skills including Global Awareness and Economic, Civic, and Environmental Literacy.

Our approach is to teach for greater historical understanding, using a variety of methods to elicit each student’s interpretation and insight in looking at past events. SST believes this will help to make graduates more well-rounded, productive, and better grounded in the world we live in today. To create active and more engaged citizens, the department focuses on U.S. History and Modern World History.

Course Description

US History I

Students will examine the roots of America’s democratic founding, develop their understanding of the American political system, and trace the continually evolving developments in foreign and domestic policies through the period of territorial expansion in the early twentieth century.

Modern World History

Beginning with a study of European imperialism in the mid-19th century, students will examine the roots of the political, social, and economic forces that fuel the actions of nation states and drive world events in the modern era.

Modern American History

Beginning with the post World War II emergence of the United States as a global superpower , students will examine trends and events from the last seventy years that have shaped our country. The focus will be on movements and moments that defined the decades and key aspects of presidential administrations from Truman to Trump. Woven into this American tapestry will be a focus on society, economy, politics, and current issues.

Foreign War Films

Through the power of films we are able to give our students a unique opportunity to enrich and to enhance their understanding of events, people, cultures, and dilemmas that have been brought upon them through wars, cultural differences, and leadership or regime changes. While in this course, students will draw on their prior knowledge and understanding of historical events, while also deepening their understanding of foreign cultures throughout the world.

Civics in Action

Students will examine the political, social, and economic forces behind modern American protest movements through the lens of the Bill of Rights and develop a plan of civic engagement that will positively impact local communities in keeping with the mission of South Shore Technical High School.


Students will be introduced to the basic concepts, major theories, different theoretical perspectives, and research methods in psychology. The focus is on theories of personality, motivation, learning, intelligence, emotions, developmental process, physiological psychology, perception, and psychological assessment.