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Starting the Application Process

Families interested in applying to SST will always have help and assistance throughout the process.  Interested families can contact Guidance Counselor Amy Dow at 781-499-7440 or  for more information.

What is the first step we should take to apply for admission to SST?

Any interested student should have his/her parent/guardian submit an application. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button above or go to: Apply to South Shore Technical.

After I apply online, when would we hear next from SST?  

There are 2 steps to the Application process.  After completing the pre-registration, your submission will be reviewed by a member of our Admissions team.  This could take up to one business day.  Once your submission has been approved you will receive a follow-up email outlining your next steps.  Once the second part of the application has been completed, SST will ask your current school for records from your current and previous year of schooling (so for students seeking to enroll as 9th graders, this would mean your 7th and 8th grade records).

What ‘records’ are you looking for from my child’s current school?

We request two years of report cards, attendance reports, and discipline reports.  For students who apply for 9th grade admission, this includes the end of year reports from grade 7, and the most recent report card or progress report for grade 8. Here is a complete list of documents we request:

Grade 7 Report Card

Grade 8 Report Card

School Personnel Recommendation

Grade 7 Attendance

Grade 8 Attendance


Grade 7 Discipline Report

Grade 8 Discipline Report


How will we know if the application is incomplete?

We will notify parents and the sending school guidance counselor if something is missing. Incomplete applications are kept on file until October 1 of the following academic year and acted upon when the file is complete.

Do parents choose who provides the sending school recommendations? 

Our Admissions Counselor will work with your child's middle school to obtain the recommendation.

Is there anything that a parent can do to expedite the process?

Staying in touch with your child’s guidance counselor at their current school would be helpful.  SST will do the same.  The key is to get all of the documentation for a completed application so it can be scored.  We cannot offer admission to a student with an incomplete application.

Selection Criteria/Scoring the Application

How is the application scored?

For the most current information on the application process we will provide direct links to each relative sub-section in our official policy manual.

For reference purposes the below sub-sections are part of: Admissions Policy, File JFAA

Click the related topic below to take you directly to the specific section in our policy manual.

Does special education status play a role in admissions?

After your child is accepted, we will reach out to their middle school to get records. This includes IEP's & 504's.

What if my child is home schooled?  How will such an application be scored?

Our admissions policy, which can be found here, addresses this topic.  Home-schooled students would apply initially as any other prospective student and be interviewed.   There are requirements involving a portfolio of recent student work and letters of recommendation.  If the child was enrolled in a school at any point in the two years prior to applying, we would request those records as part of the application process.

Selection Process & Timelines

When is the earliest that my child would be notified of acceptance?

We score applications after January 1st to allow for updated 8th grade report cards or progress reports to be provided.  First round admissions are made in early February.  

How do you determine whom to admit first?

We take all of the student application scores by town and rank order them highest to lowest.  In the first two rounds of admissions in February and March, we offer admission to all eligible students from each in-district town up to the quota limit for each town.  

The South Shore Regional School District (“in-district”) includes Abington, Cohasset, Hanson, Hanover, Norwell, Rockland, Scituate and Whitman.  (See the section on Non-Resident Students for additional information for applicants who reside outside the district.)

What does ‘eligible’ mean?

An eligible student is identified as a student who has a completed application and who meets admissions criteria.

What is a ‘quota’ limit?  How is it determined?

A quota is the number of open seats that are assigned to a town for an incoming 9th grade class for the first two rounds of admissions.  Once the district determines how many total 9th grade seats will be available, each town is given their share of the seats based on the size of the town’s 8th grade class.  To illustrate:

  1. Assume there are 1,000 8th graders in total after adding up ALL of the 8th graders in all eight towns in the South Shore Regional School District.
  2. Assume that SSVT has openings for 150 9th graders.
  3. Town X has 100 8th graders or 10% of 1,000 (the total enrollment in #1).
  4. Therefore, town X will have 15 quota seats (10% of 150 = 15).  

So the top 15 eligible students from Town X who have an application score of 60 or above would be accepted in rounds 1-2 of the admissions process.

After two rounds of admissions, in some towns, we typically have unused quota seats, and in other towns, we have more applicants than available quota seats. Starting in the third round, we pool the unfilled seats and merge the application scores of all remaining students.  We then accept the next highest students on the merged list, wait for responses, and continue with the admissions process through June. We also consider out-of-district applicants at this time.

What if my child did not get accepted in rounds 1 or 2?

Our suggestion is always to contact us if you have questions about your child’s status. There are still several more admissions rounds, so it is premature to worry.  After two rounds of admissions, we give the accepted students 10 school days to confirm they will be attending, then we continue with the admissions process.  Starting in the third round, we pool the unfilled seats and merge the application scores of all remaining students.  We then accept the next highest students on the merged list, wait for responses, and continue with the admissions process through June.

If your child has an application score of under 50 points, she/he will be placed on a no decision list to allow for extra time to submit updated documentation.  A decision is made before the end of the admissions process, typically by June.

When do you accept students using available spots from other towns?  When do you accept non-resident students?

Students who wish to come to SST from a town that has more eligible students than quota seats will be offered admission starting in the third round.  Non-resident students will not be offered admission any earlier than the third round, after we have offered admission to all eligible in-district students with application scores of 60 or above.

Round of Admissions

Approximate Date

Focus of Admissions

Rounds 1-2

February, March

All eligible in-district students up to a town’s quota limit with application score of 60 or above.

Rounds 3-6


All eligible in-district students. Out-of-district student applications may be considered at this if the spots are not filled by eligible in district students.

My Child’s Admissions Status

My child’s friends were accepted and she/he did not hear anything.  What do I tell her/him?

Parents are more than welcome to contact our Guidance Office for an update on the process at any time.  We do not want it to be a mystery.  

In February we offer our first round of admissions, and this is a process we repeat each month through the rest of the school year.  Some students will be admitted in later rounds.  We allow for some time in between rounds to give families the time to make a decision, which helps us determine how many available seats there are for future acceptance offers.  See the section on Admissions Process and Timelines for more information.

My child was accepted early in the admissions process. Does this mean that my child can coast for the rest of his/her school year at his/her current school?

Absolutely not!  All acceptances are conditional on students passing all classes and being promoted to the next grade!  If your child sees an early acceptance as a sign of taking it easy, please show them this answer!  They will be in for a rude awakening in grade 9 in a high school that emphasizes the importance of work ethics.  We don’t want to rescind an admissions offer in June because someone failed classes late in the school year!

You notified me that my child is on the ‘waiting list.’  What does this mean?

A waiting list is created at the end of the admissions process in June, after the 9th grade class has been filled.  The list is maintained in rank order by application score and it includes all eligible students who have completed, scored applications. Please note: SST will be requesting updated report card information.

Can a student be admitted after the school year has started?

Yes. While this is not a common occurrence, if an opening arises we work with the sending school to arrange for the transfer.  Oftentimes, the limitation has to do with open space in a vocational program.

Admissions for Grades 10 and above

Is there anything different in the admissions process for someone entering SSVT in Grade 10 or above?

The standards, scoring and paperwork are the same.  We would ask for the two most recent years of grades, attendance and discipline reports, so for an incoming 10th grader, for instance, this would mean asking for grade 8 and 9 records. The timing of admissions may vary, depending on the vocational program the applicant is seeking.  Oftentimes we need to wait until the end of the school year to see if spots open up in the program.  However, if the applicant seeks a program for which there is space, we can admit the applicant more quickly.

If my child enrolls in grade 10 or above, will she/he explore eight programs like incoming freshmen?

No.  The admission of upperclassmen is based on available space in a program.

For More Information

Whom should I contact if I have questions about the admissions process?

If you are thinking about applying to SSVT or are already in the admissions process, you can contact Director of Guidance & Admissions Amy Dow at 781-499-7440 or

Where can I find a copy of the district admissions policy?  

Our Admissions policy is found here: Online Policy Manual Section JFA

Out of District

Non-Resident/Out-of-District Applicants

Potential applicants from outside our district are urged to call Director of Guidance & Admissions Amy Dow at 781-499-7440  or email to ensure the application process is followed correctly.  There are some extra steps required by the state that include deadlines.

I live outside the eight town South Shore Regional School District (Abington, Cohasset, Hanover, Hanson, Norwell, Rockland, Scituate, Whitman). What are the deadlines and steps required to apply to SST?

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Two deadlines to remember: March 15th and April 1st!

  1. You must submit TWO APPLICATIONS to SST by March 15th for the following school year’s enrollment. 
    1. SST’s online application  Apply to South Shore Technical . Please get this done by March 15th.
    2. State non-resident tuition application: The other application required by the state and due by April 1st, is a bit more detailed. SST staff needs to fill out Part II of this application, and we will help you with this application. Once your SST application is complete, we will follow up with you for Part II.
  2. SST will forward the state non-resident application to your hometown Superintendent of Schools by April 1st.  
  3. Why is a second application needed?  The school district of residence needs time to budget for the cost of having your child educated at SST and it also has the right to determine that your child is seeking to enroll in a vocational technical program that is not offered in your home district.
  4. Both non-resident applications must include the child’s desired vocational technical program (e.g. the child’s top choice). On our SST application we ask for 5 possible choices, but the state requires that your child’s top choice be placed on its application.  There is a state CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) code required and an annual tuition amount required

Program (State Title & CIP Code):

If your child’s top choice is:

(What we call the program at SSVT)

Then you must write this official State Title of the program

CIP Code

Allied Health

Health Assisting



Automotive Technology





Collision Repair

Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing


Computer Information Technology

Information Support Services & Networking





Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts





Electronics/Engineering Technology



Graphic & Design/Visual Communications

Graphic Communications*

Design & Visual Communications*



Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC-R)

Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration


Horticulture & Landscape Construction



Manufacturing Engineering Technologies


Machine Tool Technology*

Engineering Technology*




Metal Fabrication & Welding

Metal Fabrication & Joining Technologies


*Only one CIP code is assigned for the purposes of this application.


My child is an 8th grader seeking to be admitted in grade 9.  Can non-resident (out-of-district) students gain admittance in grade 9?

Yes, but it is dependent on several factors.  The most important point is that SST will first offer admission to all in-district applicants We cannot consider out of district applicants until we have accepted all eligible in district applicants.

Please note: State regulations require that if your town of residence is part of a regional vocational district, or if it has an approved Exploratory program, you cannot enroll at SSVT prior to grade 10 (see chart below), with only one exception being if the child is seeking a specialized Agricultural program, namely Horticulture. 

This provision of the state regulations would impact students living in towns affiliated with Blue Hills, Southeastern, Upper Cape, as well as Kingston, Halifax, Plympton (Silver Lake), and local communities with vocational Exploratory programs (Quincy, Weymouth).  

There are no restrictions for 9th grade admission from towns with no Exploratory programs and who are not affiliated with any regional vocational technical school district (Hull, Marshfield, Hingham, Duxbury, Pembroke.)


Can I apply for grade 9?

Can I apply for grade 10+ admissions?

Towns who have no access to 5 or more Chapter 74 vocational technical programs in their districts (Hull, Marshfield, Hingham, Duxbury, Pembroke)



Towns who belong to Silver Lake


YES, but you cannot enroll in a vocational program that Silver Lake also offers.  It must be a different program.

Towns who belong to another regional vocational school district


YES, but you cannot enroll in a vocational program that your regional vocational school district also offers.  It must be a different program.

Municipalities who have their own vocational technical programs or vocational technical high school (5 or more Chapter 74 programs) (Quincy, Boston, Weymouth, Plymouth)

Only if the application cites Horticulture as the preferred program. Otherwise this is not permitted

YES, but you cannot enroll in a vocational program that your local high school also offers.  It must be a different program.

Please note:  If your child ends up seeking/being placed in a program that was not listed as the choice of the state application, it will require that a separate state application be resubmitted to your hometown Superintendent of Schools.  This is to ensure that your child is enrolling in a program that is not offered in your hometown.

When is the earliest I might hear of 9th grade admissions?

The third round of admissions would likely happen in March preceding the school year of admissions.

When is the earliest I might hear of upper grade admissions?

We process upperclass applicants once the school year officially ends as we need a finale report card as part of the application.

Where can I locate the applicable regulations for non-resident students (also called out-of-district students)?

These regulations can be found of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s website at  See subsection 6(b).