Metal Fabrication & Welding

Fire Pits for Sale

Fire pit made of 14 gage (.078") steel. Dimensions are 45" x 45" x 21". The weight is roughly 70 lbs. Painted with high heat paint. Fire pits can be custom made. We can cut out what you want on our CNC plasma table. Fire pits are made by students in the Metal Fabrication/Welding program.

Course Description

Can you envision yourself building machines and structures that stand the test of time? Do you want to be part of the drama of making sparks fly as you create ornamental ironwork, fabricate ships, work on bridges, build movie sets, or even weld on skyscrapers? The specialized training you’ll receive in Metal Fab Welding will help you achieve proficiency in several welding processes along with blueprint reading, thermal cutting methods, and fabrication in both theory and practical application. Prepare for a bright future by exposing yourself to some red-hot opportunities that allow you to become independent and skilled upon graduation.


The primary focus of freshman year is to instill safety and to learn an array of welding skills, sheet metal skills, the proper use of hand tools, and how to properly operate fabrication equipment.

Skills: Tool Usage and Identification | Oxy-Fuel Welding and Brazing | Measurement | Shielded Metal Arc Welding (stick) and Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) in the flat position | Operate shear | Iron worker | Band Saw | Pan Brake


The primary focus of sophomore year is to sharpen the skills learned freshman year while introducing more challenging welding positions and techniques.

Skills: OSHA 10 | Trade Specific Math | Out of Position Shielded Metal Arc Welding (stick) and Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) | Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) | Oxy-Fuel Cutting


The primary focus of Grade 11 is oil burners, hydronic heat, and air conditioning. Students will be instructed in the proper installation, repair, and maintenance of these systems and their electrical components. Additionally students will receive their Refrigerant R410a safety certification.

Skills: Weld symbols | Blueprint Reading | Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) | Plasma Cam | Carbon Arc Gouging | Hydraulic Press Brake | Power Rolls


The primary focus for senior year is to have the student engage in the co-op experience. By engaging in co-op, the student will then have a company willing to hire him or her directly upon graduation as a full-time employee. For those students who do not meet the co-op requirements, there is a rigid curriculum of large scale fabrication projects and welding projects and certifications using SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, and many other processes.

Skills: Employ-ability | Work Ethic | GTAW | Challenging Layout Projects


OSHA 10 Hour
Hot Work Certification
American Welding Society Certifications
D1.5 MA Highway Bridge Certification
D1.1 Structural Certification

College Pathways

Massasoit Community College
Quincy College
Suffolk University
Mass Maritime Academy
Umass Dartmouth
Northeastern University

Career Pathways

Pipe Fitter
Iron Worker
Sheet Metal Worker
Certified Wedling Inspector
Building Construction
Power Plants
Ornamental Ironwork
Metalurgist Engineer

About the Industry

The Metal Fabrication and Welding Program offers a variety of opportunities for students to engage in this ever growing field. Students learn that welding is an important part of fastening metal components together. They receive extensive training in the various methods of welding, e.g. oxyacetylene cutting, electric arc, M.I.G. – T.I.G. and plasma arc cutting. In related classes, students are taught the use of radiographs, as well as rod identification, blueprint readings, and all references to machinery concepts and processes. From the excitement of making sparks fly to the satisfaction of creating ornamental ironwork, fabricating ships, working on bridges, or even welding on skyscrapers, our program will prepare you for an exciting career.

Work Environment

The work environment will vary in accordance with the project. Be prepared for all types of weather and working conditions. Job opportunities are plentiful nationwide

How to become a...

Apply to SST to find out! Students have the opportunity for voluntary accreditation through two recognized programs: The American Welding Society offers Welder certification through its “Schools Excelling through National Standards Education” (SENSE) program and state licensure for sheet metal workers. The specialized training you’ll receive in this program will help you achieve proficiency in several welding processes, including blueprint reading, thermal cutting methods, and fabrication in both theory and practical application. Prepare for a bright future with the attainment of an American Welding Society S.E.N.S.E. certificate and OSHA 10 card upon graduating from this program.