Rethinking Grading


South Shore Tech. is one of five schools in Massachusetts that won a competitive grant from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. As a result of this grant, SST was able to hire John Scopelleti as an Assessment Specialist. Since July of 2022, John has built upon the great work already done by SST educators to address one question: are grades at SST as fair, accurate, and helpful as they can be for students, educators, parents/caregivers, colleges, and employers? This website provides data, survey results, presentations, meeting summaries, and other information related to the work that has been done during the 2022-2023 school year, and it will be updated as relevant information becomes available.


To be successful, the work of rethinking grading must be collaborative, transparent, and centered on what’s best for students. By making this website viewable by anyone in the public, we are proud to highlight the collaboration, transparency, and focus on students that have guided this work at SST. 

Going forward you will be able to access the Rethinking Grading website from our main menu under the Programs drop down menu.