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Just updated 9/9/2020 with FAQ Sheet for Incoming Freshman

FAQ Sheet For Incoming Freshman

Updated 9/9/2020

Q - When will my student get their schedule?

A - Schedules are complete.  Please log into PowerSchool to view your cohort room number and learn your teachers names. Schedules will be reviewed in detail during orientation.

In order to figure out what cohort your child is in, just refer to the room number in PowerSchool.








Cohort 1




In school


In school

Cohort 2



In school




In school

Cohort 3



In school


In school



For shop week (on the school calendar, the green days) the freshman will be in school all 5 days.

For academic week (on the school calendar, the red days) see chart above.

The days they are not in school, they will be working remotely.

Here is a copy of the school calendar

Q - What academic classes will my child take this year?

A - English, US History, Geometry, and either Biology or Physics

Q - How can I monitor my students' grades?

A - All parents should have a PowerSchool account (you set this up during the application process).  Through this portal, you can see your child's grades and attendance.

Q - How will Exploratory work this year?

A - Students will be placed in cohorts and will rotate, with their cohort, through every shop. We have 12 shops so each cohort will spend 2.5 days in each shop.  Exploratory will run for 6 weeks total.

Q - How is my child graded in Exploratory?

A - All Exploratory teachers will use the same rubric to grade all students.  Here is a link to the rubric -

Q - I ordered an Exploratory package. When will I receive it?

A - The Exploratory package will be given to your child during freshman orientation on Monday, September 14th.

Q - I did not get a chance to order an Exploratory package. What should I do?

A - Go to any store (Target, Wal-Mart, etc) and buy 2 long and 2 short sleeve navy blue shirts. From there, call Rockland Athletics and tell them you have a student attending SST and you need 4 shirts embroidered.  They will take it from there!

Q - How will my child get to and from school?

A - You are welcome to drop your child off or pick your child up.  If you chose bus transportation, SST should already know this, and routes will be available later next week.

Q  - I requested a ChromeBook for my child. When will s/he receive it?

A - We will be distributing ChromeBooks during freshman orientation on Monday, September 14th (see question below).

Q - When is freshman orientation?

A - Freshman orientation will be on September 14th & 15th.

In person orientation will be on Monday, September 14th from 9:05am-12:45pm.

The bus time will be the same as the pick up time during academic days.

Lunch will be provided but students can bring a lunch if they wish.

The main goal of this orientation will be to familiarize your student with South Shore Technical High School. During the in-person time your student will

  • Receive their Chromebook

  • Receive their Exploratory Package

  • Meet all of their academic teachers

  • Receive an overview of what a remote day will look like for them

  • Make sure students are familiar with their academic and vocational schedules

  • Review school procedures (transportation, breakfast & lunch, health & safety, supports)

Virtual orientation will be Tuesday, September 15th from 10:30 - 12

During this virtual time, your child will meet our vocational teachers and get a brief overview of each vocational program.

Any Questions? Please reach out to Ms. Dow -

Virtual Orientation

Q&A with the Admin Team

SST Walk Through

Parent Link App

Communication is very important. We use the mobile app Parentlink as one of our communication tools to communicate with parents and students. We highly recommend you download this app. It is totally free and is specific to our school. Below are links for Android (Google) and Apple devices.


Get it on Google Play

Exploratory Bundle

The exploratory bundle consists of:

  • Safety glasses (1)
  • 2 Long Sleeve navy blue shirts with name embroidered
  • 2 short sleeve navy blue T-shirt with name embroidered

The Exploratory Bundle is currently unavailable to order at this time. If you have any questions, email Amy Dow

Exploratory Bundle


All information pertaining to PowerSchool can be found on our PowerSchool page.