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South Shore Tech is excited to continue its work through the early stages of the building design project. We hope to have a preferred design by the end of December. This Fall we will work through options and be mindful of price tags along the way. On site tours on Saturday, October 21 (which is also our Open House day for prospective students and families).

Forum Dates


When: 1/25/2024 7:00PM

Where: Abington Town Hall, 500 Gliniewicz Way


When: 10/05/2023 6-7:30PM

Where: Zoom Link


When: 11/9/2023 6PM

Where: Town Hall Select Board Chamber


When: 12/5/2023 7PM

Where: Robert J. Nyman Rockland Senior Center, 317 Plain Street


When: 12/14/2023 7PM

Where: Whitman Town Hall, 54 South Ave.

We want to continue to hear feedback from our school community, our alumni and residents of our district!

The Forum discussions will focus on:

  • Building Design
  • Education Plan
  • Making Space to Include More Students
  • Adding new programs

Our Goal

Our goal is to submit to the MSBA a preferred design by December 28th.

Project Website

Project PDF

Student Response: Plumbing and Animal Science

67% of the student body offered their opinions on potential new programs, including Plumbing, Animal Science, Medical Assisting and Early Childhood.  Student interest was strongest for Plumbing and Animal Science.  Hearing directly from students is an important part of our design process!

New Building Options

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Add-On to Existing Building Options

Option 1

Option 2