* Please note that in addition to the above forms, we also need a copy of the employer's drivers license, and certificates of insurance for general liability and workers compensation, naming South Shore Tech as certificate holder. South Shore Tech will also be conducting a safety site visit prior to the start of a student's co-op placement and for seniors, again in the second part of the school year.


Developing workplace readiness skills is the backbone of South Shore Vocational Technical High School. Throughout technical shops and related classrooms, students acquire an understanding of their specific career field unparalleled at traditional high schools.

We are proud to offer the benefit of cooperative education to our students and businesses within our communities. We rely on businesses to support our mission of providing rigorous and relevant hands-on instructional experiences in order to develop confident, civic-minded students who achieve ambitious career goals leading to their personal fulfillment, economic independence, and a positive impact on their community.

In return, employers are able to recruit and hire eager workers who are well versed in the language, procedures, and technology of the industry.

We believe in the value of experience-based learning. Our goal is to engage students in a process of learning that links work and experience with classroom knowledge. The educational opportunities that employers afford our students speak volumes to their commitment to youth, education, and community.


How does it work?

We provide qualified students who have obtained 1,000 hours of shop experience, are licensed (if applicable) and who best fits your needs. Employers will interview our students and if it’s a good match, the student is hired as an employee of the company.

Students agree to:

  • Work for pay on an alternate schedule. Students go on co-op during their shop week and then return to school for their academic week. A schedule will be provided.
  • Abide by all of your business’ rules and expectations.
  • Abide by all of the rules and regulations of our school and our co-op program.

Employers agree to:

  • Provide a minimum of 32 hours of meaningful work per co-op week.
  • Provide experienced supervision.
  • Ensure that the work environment meets health and safety standards that maximize employee protection in compliance with OSHA regulations.
  • Comply with child labor laws as they pertain to vocational students.

Seniors are eligible for co-op at the start of the school year. Juniors become eligible after the first half of the school year.